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Yearly Home Maintenance Tips

The purchase of a home comes with great responsibility, both financially and its maintenance. A house needs to be taken care of to insure its long lasting future. As many components are put together to build a house, a routinely inspection of one’s home would be wise and beneficial. But what does a homeowner look for when inspecting his house? It starts on the exterior. About twice a year, the roof should be checked for any broken, loose, missing, etc. shingles. A well-kept roof can help prevent any leakage or even a collapse of the ceiling. Specific attention should be applied to gutters and downspouts. Blockage can occur, which will trap water. This trapped water can freeze in colder temperatures and thus split the downspouts. Next, the outdoor walls should be checked for any damage, or wear in need of repair. Some of this damage includes any cracks and deterioration, or rotting for wooden walls. Likewise, the foundation walls should be checked for any cracks and deterioration. It is also recommended to inspect the condition of the house’s windows. Obviously, cracked or broken glass should be repaired immediately as it poses a danger to those in the dwelling. However, the caulking and paint deterioration of the windows should also be checked. The screen on the windows should also be washed out at least once a year. 

On the inside of the house, all walls and ceilings should be checked for cracks. Doorframes should also be inspected. Frames that significantly loose their square shape in a relatively short time, about six months, may indicate more serious problems. The electrical panel should definitely be checked and any burning smell or indications of moisture should be noted to an electrician. These may be signs of poor or loose wiring. After completing these inspections, a few maintenance chores are required. Air filters should be changed every six months; the water heater should be drained at least once a year as sludge may build up in the bottom; septic tanks should be checked and cleaned routinely; and toilet fixtures should be checked for any signs of leakage. Additionally, about twice a year, the house should be chemically treated to prevent any pests such as cockroaches, ants, termites, and so on. It is a tedious task, but routine inspections and minor repair costs are much easier to deal with than a major repair. 

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