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Travel Tips for Baby Boomers

If' you've deferred a lifelong wish to travel, because of family or business commitments, then now is the time to pack your bags and take off. Travel light and take a wireless netbook or other small computer, a digital camera (still or video) and keep in touch with the family, no matter where you are in the world. A few tips are outlined below, to help you get the most from your new wandering ways.

While you are out exploring the world, you still want to remain healthy and have fun and be comfortable, too. Take any needed medications and put them in a separate zippered bag, along with your passport, credit card, some cash, a cell phone, and contact numbers for embassies or other important government locations.
If you are from a cold or hot climate, then be sure you know about the various other climates you'll be in as you travel to various countries. Pack basic items and layer them. Make sure you have an umbrella and a spare pare of shoes, along with a sunhat and sunblock. Try and take clothing that's cotton or light wool, as these natural fabrics are better for insulation or cooling. Everything should be washable, whether by hand or in a machine.
Use a fanny pack or small backpack (ones that are like a sack are better) to keep your valuables on you at all times, then use one suitcase only for your clothing. Travel on the assumption that your one bag could get lost, so prepare for as many contingencies as you can think of.
If you have physical limitations then check if the airline/boat/train/car/hotel/country you are going to or through will be able to accommodate you, at least in a few areas. In other words, if you use a wheelchair or scooter, then see if the city or town is navigable. And check before you go about vehicles suitable for those types of personal transports.
Study up and learn some of the language of the country or countries you'll be visiting, if it or they use a different one other than your own. It's much more courteous to the locals, and will get your further, if you learn some of their language. It also keeps your mind active!

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