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Safety Tips for Retirees

If you are a seasoned citizen, then there are certain things you can do in your home, and elsewhere, to assure that your life is safe and happy and without any accidents!  Homes can be made much safer as people become aware that perhaps they are slowing down a bit.  Even if you are a youngish retiree then these tips will help you as well.  We all should be safe in our own homes, and elsewhere.  

           Make your space safe for wheeled mobility vehicles like scooters and wheelchairs.  Even if you don't use a device like these, make your space safe in case you'll need one in the future.   Have a ramp at the front and back of your house; make sure that smoke detectors are operational;  keep emergency numbers and contacts handy; be sure that rugs are removed or fastened down securely; make upper cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom accessible -- you don't want something to fall on your head!

           If your flooring is in poor shape, then have it fixed.  A ragged piece of tile or linoleum can easily cause a fall.  Falling is a real hazard for some retirees.

           If your shower isn't a simple walk-in one, or if you have a bathtub, then consider one of those new walk-in shower tub combos.  Slip and falls in the shower will become less of a concern.

           Have your vehicle maintained on a regular schedule.   Use a mechanic known to you or a close family member.  Keep your oil changed and your tires well-treaded and your safety belts secure.  If there comes a time when driving is not an option, then park that car and take alternative transport.  The Red Cross often offers transportation to doctors' appointments, as do some health insurance plans.

           Be certain that any medications are clearly labeled and look at them before you reach for that bottle.  Be especially careful with look-alike pills and ones that are the same shape or color.   Buy a "calendar pill box," one of those little plastic boxes with compartments for each day of the week.  Putting the appropriate pills in each day's compartment at the beginning of each week will help ensure the proper pills are taken on the proper day.

           Always use caution and common sense before answering your front door.  A good-sized, one-way peephole is a great idea. 

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