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How to Sell a Home Without a Realtor

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is a buzz word in these tough times. It can be tough or easy, fraught with hazards or quite easy. You can save many hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you sell your home yourself. Because of the Internet, an MLS (multiple Listing Service) may not be needed. Anyone can have a website and post 3D virtual tours of their homes for sale along with a description of its features and size, etc. Who will respond -- potential buyer or scam artist? This is what you have to watch out for and think about. 

-- A realtor offers many services but their fee or commission averages 10%. Does their effort at marketing your home, networking, listing on MLM, and coordinating open houses with other agents outweigh what you can do in the way of selling your home?

-- Many buyers in the market look to the Internet for their information. You can establish a site and list yours, or on a service which lists for homeowners. Do you know enough about the often complicated aspects of the realty world to cover all your bases?

-- Learn first about home inspections, what has to be revealed about the house to buyers, guarantees, escrow and title insurance, if you want to sell your home without a Realtor becoming involved.

-- There are FSBO document kits in most office supply stores which will help. Some listing offices for properties charge a small percentage, but on the other hand, they don't do any marketing for your home other than having it on their computer, and they don't do open houses, either.

-- Staging your home is probably not very difficult because most of us have seen innumerable "how to" and DIY shows on TV. If you price it aggressively and market it, and the house is clean and tidy and attractive, then look into a listing site for your home and do check it out. Make sure of what they are offering for their fee and be certain you know yourself what other things you will have to do or provide, in the way of the many other aspects of either buying or selling a home.

-- If you have recent copies of radon reports, termite inspections, and any receipts for roof repairs or new appliances, then have those handy. They could tip the scales in your favor when selling your house without a Realtor.

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