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How to Cure Empty Nest Syndrome

When either your children or other family members who've been living in your house have left, then this is what is often known as empty nest syndrome.  The mother bird has seen her fledglings leave the nest.  To feel sad in a situation such as this is perfectly normal, and it can take awhile to recover from the sad feelings.  Of course, some people are happy to now have all of that extra space!  In any case, what are you going to do now?  We've got some suggestions below to help you get over your empty nest syndrome.

          Renovate that now-empty room or area in your home, and make it into a man cave or a woman cave or an art studio -- anything you want.

          Spruce up your home and sell it and move to that lush tropical country you've always had your eye on.  It doesn't always have to be a different country, just a warmer part of your country (or colder if you love snow sports).

          Rent out that extra bedroom and make some cash.  You may have a built-in pet care person (depending on your relationship) for those more frequent vacations you can now take.

          Volunteer.  This is a great way to stretch the budget (being an usher at a theatre for instance) or delivering meals to shut-ins or helping homeless children and adults.

          Read at your local library.  Often, you can make a difference in a child's life or help an adult learn your language better.  Also, some adults want to learn how to read.  Imagine the opportunities you can share with them if they learn to read!

          No matter what age you are, visiting people in nursing homes really helps to boost their morale.  Check with staff to see if they'd like visits from both you and your pet.  Take flowers when you can.

          Mentor a child.  You have a lifetime of experience and now you have the time to share it with others.

          Join a social group at your church or synagogue or mosque. 

If you are single, date!  You've got the house all alone....(unless you've taken in that roommate we were discussing earlier).

          Start your own business and either give away the things you create or make money selling them (now is a great time to try ebay).

          Learn a foreign language and then go visit that country!  

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