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10 Interesting Hobbies for Retirees  

Are you now a person of leisure (well, figuratively speaking that is) and would like to continue, or learn about some new and interesting hobbies?  A lot of these hobbies also double as either part or full time ways to earn money.  More of the latter are listed, because times are still tough.

        Write for yourself or others.  If there's been the next great novel, or at least a short story or memoir lurking deep within you for years, then let it out.  If you have a talent for writing then you can do it for others, and earn money at the same time.  Be careful about where you go to look for this type of work, or knowledge if it's a hobby.  If a friend recommends some sites, then you'll know they've been vetted for  you.

        Set up a tropical aquarium.  This is a very relaxing hobby and if you end up with more fish than you started with, then you can sell them locally or trade to a pet store for supplies.  A ten gallon set-up that comes complete with a filter system and pump, heater, hood, light, an instruction booklet and perhaps a few decorations, is the easiest way to get started. 

        Be a photographer.  Either for fun or for sale to galleries or online, digital photography is creative and inexpensive.  Invest in a software photography program for your computer and you can create all sorts of effects.

        Create gift baskets for friends or sell them online.  You will need a website for that and there's some companies that will get you started.  Always use a website for yourself that doesn't need hypertext markup language (HTML) so you can update it at will by simply typing in text or grabbing jpegs to enhance your business.

        Sew things -- quilts or doll clothes are always good, and if it's a hobby then these make fantastic gifts for your family.  If you want to sell them, try local boutiques or make your own website.  Wooden toys can also be made if you have a workspace.

        Travel and make up your own blogs to share with friends and family.  Sometimes even personal blogs or sites can turn into a moneymaking opportunity if you get sponsors.

        Volunteer at the local homeless shelter and read to children, or help to cook meals for people in need. 

        Help people clean out their garages.  I wouldn't imagine you'd want to do this as a hobby, but it can become a great business because no one likes to do it themselves.

        Make shopping your hobby and business.  Finding bargains can be fun for you, and it could turn into a business as well.

        If you love animals but can't have any, then a dog-walking gig or looking after people's houses while they are away can be a great hobby, and business too.

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